At Only Choice Inspections, we scrutinize the details and possible defects of your property, but more importantly, we make it easy for you to understand what is going on with the house you are purchasing.  We use the latest tools, such as Infrared Cameras, moisture meters and high resolution imagery to create detailed, insightful reports that are easy to understand and use in your negotiations.

Additionally, we offer mold detection services as well as lead paint testing. Let us know, and we'll be happy to discuss our full range of inspection services and upfront pricing.


John Van Vleet

Drawing from his 30 years as an electrician and 10 years as a Master Inspector, there is nothing John has not seen. 

John is now launching our second location of Only Choice Inspections in Florida.

Mike Denny

Mike first served as an inspector more than 20 years ago in Orange County, CA.  After 10 years in Millwork and Lighting, Mike is now Managing Partner of Only Choice Inspections. 

Stew Duncan

Stew has been involved in home building, project management and real estate for over 20 years.  As a certified home inspector, his eye for detail and wealth of knowledge is a huge asset to Only Choice.


For more information or to schedule an inspection, call us at:

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